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weight gain guide book
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Coconut Flour: The Best Flour

Coconut flour is gluten-free, grain-free and wheat-free, making it one of the healthiest flour if not the healthiest flour you can use in food preparation.

Plain and Wholemeal Coconut Flour

coconut flour

It is very low in carbohydrates hence it is great for diabetic recipes. Coconut flour is very high in fibre and digests easily, making it a great option for weight management.

Coconut flour can be used to prepare all the pastries that we use wheat flour to prepare but because it is gluten-free, it requires a bit of tweaking to get it to function like wheat flour in recipes. Gluten is the substance present in wheat that makes wheat flour elastic. It is the protein found in cereal grains and some people are allergic to it.

Recipes where Coconut Flour is used:

Coconut Flour has a mild smell of coconut. You can buy coconut flour in some shops but nothing beats the organic one you make at home free from preservatives and other unknown ingredients. 😉

To make Coconut Flour, the only thing you need is the chaff or fibre you get from the blended coconuts when making Coconut Milk, Refined Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil. That chaff can also be used to make Shuku Shuku.

Watch the video below for how to make coconut flour. I made the two types, the plain Coconut Flour and the one I like to call Wholemeal Coconut Flour if there’s anything like that. lol


  1. Hi there, thanks for the post on coconut flour. Its very useful to me cos my hubby is allergic to gluten, kindly post steps on the usage. I also want to know if it can be used to make Fufu. Thanks !

  2. Thanks again! Looking forward…

  3. Seun owoseni says

    Good job.
    Am waiting to see how to make swallow with coconut flour as well as how to bake with it. Thank you always

  4. Hi,thankS for dis . wat if u don’t hv a dry mill blender, can I use d normal blender?

    • With a normal blender, you will need to add water to what you are blending, it does not blend dry ingredients unless you have a Vitamix blender.
      And for best results, you need to grind with a dry mill. But you can also make it like that without blending, just that the resulting fufu will be like eba.
      Another thing you can so is to sieve the Garri with a sieve that will only allow the finest particles to pass through. Then measure and mix with the coconut flour.

  5. Great work you are doing. Thanks a lot for taking your time to put us through on how to make flour out of coconut.

  6. Hi I sell coconut flour and coconut oil pls reply me if u r interested. Thanks

  7. Thanks for this video. Will love to see recepies using this flour especially pancake. Thanks
    # eagerly awaiting

  8. Coconut flour is not sold in the market, so I do I come about it? Thanks

    • Vic watch the video in the post to see how to make it.
      You can buy coconut flour in supermarkets outside Nigeria.
      In Nigeria you can look for it in Shoprite, SPAR and baker’s shops.

  9. I did my coconut flour it came out brown,because I dried it in d sun can I still use it to make coconut pancake

    • Judith did you mean to write that you dried it in the oven? I ask because drying coconut chaff in the sun does not make the coconut flour brown. The ones in the images you see in the post and in the video are dried in the sun and they are white.
      If the brown colour is not because it is burnt (probably from being dried in the oven) then it should be ok for coconut pancake.

  10. I did the cocunut flour and it turned out very nice but the problem is that I tried using it for chin chin but it failed cos it scattered inside the oil

    • Oluchukwu, you can’t use coconut flour alone to bake or prepare anything because it does not contain gluten. Gluten is the ingredient in flour that enables it to form a dough. You need to mix it with another flour that has gluten before you can use it for Chin Chin. So mix 1 part of coconut flour with 2 parts of all purpose flour and it should work.

  11. Judith Nwosuh says

    Hi Flo,
    We tried making coconut Fufu and coconut bread, but it has a funny taste and it wasn’t really pleasant. I wonder why? Besides we had to add a little bit of Garri to mke it hold but it still had a queer taste. Is there anything we ain’t doing right in getting coconut flour that tastes right?

    • Hi Judith. Did you make the coconut flour yourself? If yes, while drying the chaff, did it dry quickly or was it a slow drying process?
      I ask because if the coconut chaff did not dry quickly or if the coconut itself was already going bad, the flour will have a funny smell and taste.

      Another thing that may have happened there is that even if the coconut flour is fine, coconut fufu has a strange taste when you eat it for the first time due to the coconut flavour. The coconut flavour is something that is not present in our other fufu meals. It takes some time for the taste buds to get used to the mild coconut taste. I hope these answer your questions. 🙂

  12. Preciois says

    I make coconut flour and coconut oil contact me for yours

  13. Precious says

    I make coconut flour and coconut oil contact me for yours…

  14. I used that grinding mill used for grinding pepper and now it has gone extremely brown. What shud i do? Can it still be eaten? And also, next time can i use that little blender that comes with the big blender?

    • Yes, you can use dry mill that comes with some blenders but the problem is that most of them cannot grind things into powder like the coffee mill I used in the video.
      For the one that is mixed with pepper, I wouldn’t use it.

  15. i used a mill for cassava and it still turned brown. can i still eat it? then can i mix it with lafun flour to make it solidify better

    • Esther if you do not peel off the skin of the coconuts, the flour will be brown. Yes you can still eat it, the skin has its own benefits.

      If you want it to be pure white, you need to peel off the brown skin. Also when drying it in the sun, make sure you do so on a very sunny day so that it dries quickly. If it dries slowly, oxidation will set in even if you peeled off the brown skin, thereby making it turn brown before it is completely dry.

  16. Thank I for this info on coconut been gluten free. I want to make healthy option Chin chin. I will try this ratio 2:1 mixture and get back to you.
    God bless u

  17. Wow! Beautiful. Please post some sugar free/ keto coconut flour recipes. Thanks

  18. Thanks Flo….am sure gonna try d coconut oil and flour process out this weekend and give you a feedback of what it is. thanks for much for that explicit lecture.

  19. Thanks so much Flo for d explicit lecture. will sure try it out this weekend and give u a feedback of what i did.

  20. very interesting

  21. Abimbola says

    Hi! Just stumbled on this site and, boy! Sooo interesting! I am highly gluten intolerant and so can’t stand anything at all that contains gluten. I read in one of your responses that to use coconut flour for, say chin chin or pancake, you still need to add a lil’ bit of d regular flour in order to get the needed consistency for d dough. For a gluten-intolerant person like me this is a no-no. Does it mean it’s absolutely impossible to bake and get a fairly good result without adding a ‘little” gluten to your mix? I’m very interested in recipes that are completely gluten free and I’m hoping you’d be able to help. God bless you girl! Good job (thumbs up)

    • Abimbola for gluten-free baking you will need to add a binder to the coconut flour. Te type of binder to use depends on what you are making: from psyllium husk to xanthan gum. For some snacks eg chin chin, even the toughest gluten-free binder will not work with just coconut flour so you will have to mix the coconut flour with say almond flour.

  22. Christian Edum says

    Hi Flo, thank you very much for this lecture. I’m truly excited about coconut flour and the processing. Please, between sun drying and oven drying, which is a better one? Which is preferred?

    • I prefer sun-drying. Oven drying if not watched closely can turn the coconuts brown.

      • Hello Flo,
        I have some trouble with sun drying as it will expose the coconut flakes to dust and insects, concerning the browning, does this affect the appearance of the pastry, after all the food will be baked and browned anyway, will the taste and texture be affected by the browning

  23. Mercy Omoniyi Daramola says

    pls add me

  24. Can coconut flour be used to make chin chin?

  25. can i use plantain flour to make coconut fufu

  26. OZONE ANYASI says

    oh mama, u doing a great job. i set up coconut oil and coconut flour as a venture. now u can contact me if u need some

  27. Adeleke Augustina says

    Great job ma!
    I started a coconut oil and coconut flour business..💯 pure.
    Please kindly help recommendation for patronage.
    Thanks ma..

  28. ndu chinedu says

    Hi Flo,
    I really appreciate how God is using you to change life. I’m a young entrepreneur and want to start up a little bakery purely on coconut made products.
    I humbly request for permission for my wife to visit you for a one on one tutorials at a cost.
    I urgently need your resonse in this regard in respect to the cost implication.
    Ndu chinedu

  29. Ibiyinka Olutunmbi says

    Can coconut flour be used for making Chinchin, if yes, how does one go about it


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