ALMOST 50! What I Eat & Don’t Eat to Look Youthful

You asked and I answered. When I uploaded my Carrot Oil video and mentioned that I am approaching 50, lots of people were shocked.

So here are some of my “secrets” if you can call them that to staying youthful. I have been doing most of this from a very young age and they work! If you are looking to turn back the hands of the clock today and tomorrow, the information in this video is not for you. But if you are looking for information on what you can start doing now and see results a few years down the line or something you can start doing for your kids (as stated in the video, my Mum did a few of these for me when I was young), then this video is for you!

I have another video coming up where I talk about my body care routine, fitness and overall lifestyle so watch out for that.

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Watch the video below or click here to watch on YouTube.



  1. I have registered for Knorr Taste Quest 2018

  2. Chinweuba Omenihu says

    Good morning mma, I have just registered for the Knorr Quest 5 and I’m awaiting confirmation, thanks for all your tutorials..

  3. Chinweuba Omenihu says

    Good morning mma, I have just registered for the knorr quest 5, I thank you mma

  4. Loved it! I will try carrot oil and juice….and water?. You really look great and thank you for the tips.

  5. I jst sucessfully registerd for knor quest, season 5

  6. Florence Akpan-Nya says

    Knorr Quest registration done and dusted! I am ready for the adventure of my life…. actually feeling like ‘Dora’ about to go explore…?

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  9. Hello auntie Flo
    I just registered for the knorr competition. I need your support.

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    Hi Flo, I just registered for the knorr taste quest. Thanks for ur blog. It’s been very helpful. PS. U look really good.

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