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Special Ingredient: Tamarind (Tsamiya in Hausa)

Tamarind - Tsamiya

Sometime ago, I was having a conversation with the ladies of Rate My Nigerian Food about how they use Tamarind (Tsamiya) and I was wondering when I will ever lay my hands on it. Before then, the only Tamarind I knew was Velvet tamarind (Icheku, cheleku in Igbo).

So you can imagine my joy and shock when I saw this “exotic” fruit in my local supermarket (Alcampo). Yes, it was in the exotic section of the supermarket which is where they place their food items that are imported from South America, Africa and Asia. This one I bought is from Thailand. So this is not one of those ingredients that are specific to Nigeria. Look for it wherever you live in a South American, Asian and African food shop, even in Walmart, Tesco, Alcampo or Carrefour and you will be surprised that they sell it.

Very soon I will be trying and uploading all the recipes where Tsamiya is an ingredient.

Watch the video below to see the fruit up close. And let me know any drinks or meals that contain Tsamiya that you think I should try. Thank you!


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  1. Temitope Akinwande says:

    I think i have seen this in Nigeria ooo, on a tree, wasting away, in fact, or is there something else that looks like it in Nigeria?

    • lol @ wasting away! I know you feel like going to Naija now-now to pluck them and see.
      There’s a fruit that has the same “groundnut” shape of distinct pods; the pepper fruit. But those ones are either pink or green, I have never seen a brown pepper fruit. There may be other fruits that look like it or it may well be what you saw. 😉

  2. Over here in New Zealand, i have never come across ogi/pap; although a friend recently told me someone sells.
    I usually get the tamarind(cos of it’s sour taste) from the indian shops, i get corn flour from the super store; mix them both to prepare my makeshift ogi!

  3. Lois Imoudu says:

    we have it here in nigeria (north) we used it to make kuno Tsamiya

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