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All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook
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Peak Abacha

At this point in my Peak adventure, I have come to terms with the fact that everything tastes better with Peak, and it’s looking more and more like a no brainer.

peak abacha

Everyone loves Abacha; the African salad … everyone but me it seems. But then I wondered if I could love it and enjoy eating it if I added Peak to the recipe … seeing that I LOVE Peak Milk so much, I went to the market and bought the following ingredients:

  1. Processed Cassava flakes
  2. Wrapped Ugba (Oil Beans)
  3. Yellow Bell Peppers
  4. Green Pepper
  5. Tomato
  6. Onions
  7. Uziza leaves
  8. Kidney Beans
  9. Margarine
  10. Tin Peak Milk
  11. Small Stockfish
  12. Flour
  13. Stock cubes
  14. Red Oil

Then I did the following;

First I soaked the cassava in cold water and rinsed the Ugba in warm water too. I then poured my red oil, onions and stock cube into a pot and set on medium heat.

Next was the diced tomatoes, Uziza leaves, Kidney beans, and stock fish. I stirred and then poured in half a tin of Peak Evaporated Milk for that creamy taste. I added some butter and salt to taste.

Then I drained my cassava and topped it off with creamy Abacha, garnishing the meal with green and yellow peppers.
And I’m proud to say that I now love Abacha!

Watch the video below for details:

For more video recipes with Peak Evaporated Milk, please visit or visit


  1. I also suggest you research milk and it’s effect on the human body.

  2. Ewo ooo make una no change 9ja receipt abeg o

  3. Wow… Dis is pure art..
    Hw do u guys do dis

  4. i wonder how the taste will be…..

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