All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook
All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook
All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook

Nigerian Puff Puff: Your Questions Answered

In the video below, I try to answer all the questions I have been getting about making Nigerian Puff Puff. It also serves as an update to the Puff Puff video.

If you have more questions, please leave them below in the comments. Find the written recipe here.



  1. u are also promoting cooking of Nigerian foods

  2. Mrs Dorothy Gonsalves says:

    Thank you very much for showing us how to cook Puff Puff which my-children enjoyed eating when we lived in Lagos, Nigeria for 13 years and bought the Puff Puff from a woman who used to pass by our house. We also used to enjoy the Meat stew, Okra and Egusi with Yam and Gari, chicken and fish stews and plantain

    Could you please send us some of your Nigerian food and tell us where we can go to your Restaurant or a Nigerian Restaurant close to our address: …


    • Awww Dorothy, I’m glad you have great food memories of Nigerian food! I do not have a Nigerian restaurant anywhere but I share how I prepare these meals right here on my website and on my Nigerian food channel on Youtube so you can watch me prepare these. Use the links on the left to view written recipes by category.
      You can make all these delicious meals in the comfort of your home and Nigerian food ingredients are quite easy to find in the UK.

      *I edited out your address for your protection. 🙂

  3. Prince Audu says:

    Good day Sir/Ma,
    I by name Prince Audu from Kogi state of Nigerian, iam very greatful for your initiative which has help many young guys even some couple to greater level of coocking may God bless you.
    I want to use this medium to request of your help that apart from this vidio can you please show us those steps so that we can use our phone to learn them. If possible send me some of those steps like stew, spagheti, jollof, egusi, ogbono, puff puff, bounse etc i am very very greatful as you do so.

    Thanks yours
    Prince Audu.

  4. u guys are doing a great job, well done

  5. afrochic says:

    Hey Flo. Looove ur website. Big thumbs up! I tried the Ukpo Ogede (plantain moi-moi-) recipe. It din’t come out good. It came out horrible. I ended up wasting my precious plantains and ingredients. Worse still, the whole house went to bed without dinner that night. I did follow the instructions exactly, but something must have been wrong. What tips do you have for me as i’d like to try it out soon again. Pls reply. Thanks and keep posting authentic naija recipes for us amateur chefs.

    • Afrochic I’m so sad to read about your experience with Plantain Moi Moi. When you say horrible, are you referring to the taste or the texture?

      If your Plantain Moi Moi was too soft, it means you did not add some flour to it. You must add plantain flour to it to give the overripe plantains some weight. If you added flour, which flour did you use? Plantain flour is the best flour to use but as a last resort, you can add corn flour (the one used in making alibo).

      If it was the taste, what exactly did it taste like?

      I am happy you are ready to try again, please do so with a small quantity of overripe plantains till you are happy with the outcome. 🙂

  6. flo wat country do u recise

  7. Good Morning My name is Flo as

    I had puff [puff for the first time today one of our doctors is from Nigeria and a family friend made it for the children and there so much left over he brought it to work…lol…I am so glad that he did…I am not officially hooked…

    It accomanied by a red sauce that was alittle spicy but not overly..he did not know what the sauce was he just called it dip…can you tell me what the sauce is and how to make it…

    • Awww hey Flo! 😉

      Slightly spicy red sauce? We don’t normally eat Puff Puff with a sauce, just a chilled drink and/or tiny fried fish. That may be any red sauce that goes well with doughnuts. Was it possible to tell the ingredients that the sauce was made with? This will help me guess which sauce it is, if it is Nigerian.

      Don’t worry, by the time you eat Puff Puff a second time, you will be hooked! I’ll be here waiting for your confession. :)xx

      • I am now totally hooked is what I meant to say…lol Total typo…lol

        I am not sure what it is made of honestly…it could be tomato based due to the was red smooth like if you bleneded salsa and it was slightly spicy, when it was heated some oil did come out of it while it was warmed..i can not identify anyting other than that…sorry…i guess i will never know…her friend will not share the recipe with her either…lol

        • Hehe Flo, so you’ve not even eaten it a second time and the confession is already here?? 😀 😀 I’ve been there many times namesake, when just one letter completely changes the game!

          If it’s tomato sauce and spicy, it’s probably our red stew with beef and/or chicken. It’s the only sauce that will generate that amount of oil when hot. If yes, then this would be the first time I’ve heard about someone eating Puff Puff with it. But if you enjoyed it, why not?
          Here’s the recipe:

        • Hi,

          My mom makes a red sauce with her puff puff, she learned it from a friend in cameroon. The ingredients are fresh tomatoes, tatashe, ginger (enough so you can taste), onion, habenero peppers, maggi and a little sugar so its slightly sweet. Its really delicious, its made like stew.

  8. ok

  9. pls like my page on facebook succygold facts about african food

  10. i like it okay my baby

  11. Hi
    I just want to say a big thank you.i just got married and never been enjoy cooking cause I was always flying around the world. Just moved over to the states and with your website I’m enjoy all the new meals I make.thank you and God bless

  12. showunmi Abiola says:

    Dear sir/ ma,
    pls in ur puff puff recipe u wrote 250gramms nd lukewarm water. pls i need the actual cups. I mean the 250gram equals hw many cups nd pls i neef a specified cup of water to use.
    lastly ma/ sir, the yeast does it make d puff puff fluffy inside

    • Showunmi yes, yeast is what makes the puff puff fluffy inside, without it, the snack will not be Puff Puff.

      Whenever you see a measurement in grams or kilograms, you can use Google to convert it to cups. In this case, just go to Google and type “250g in cups”, press enter/search and Google will give you the answer. I don’t state the measurements in cups in my recipes because it is confusing for those who live in Nigeria as we use different types of measuring cups (cigar cups and de rica cups) in Nigeria.

      Add about 300 milliliters (Google for conversions) of lukewarm water. Also, watch the video to see the consistency of my puff puff mix and use it as a guide.

      Hope these help.

  13. I am so proud of you, sharing God’s given gift with us. I enjoy every bit of it. I made pizza yesterday, though it didn’t turn out perfect but i know practice brings about perfection. God bless you and yours.

  14. Hi

    I’ve cooked a few of your recipes and enjoyed it. I am also promoting a more positive Africa to young people in the UK. Is it ok to add stuff from your website unto my website so people can have access to more resources

    Well done Sis



  15. Hi sis flo.d last puff puff I made has the shape of akara even though I bliev the oil was enough. Wat could have gone wrong? Please really need to know cos I love puff puff a lot.winks

    • Hope, it is the yeast that makes the puff puff rise/expand to make a near perfect ball during frying. So make sure your yeast is active, ok? To check if it is active, mix a small quantity of the yeast with a small quantity of hot water. If it foams, then it is active.
      Try again and let me know how it goes. I love Puff Puff too. *wink!

  16. Good day sis floor.just finished making my puff puff and to tell you the truth, I was wowed! It came out perfectly. My kids are already giving themselves a treat. I'm happy thanks to you. GOD BLESS YOU.

    • I’m so glad to read this success story Hope! You went from flat Puff Puffs to perfect ones in 1 day. That’s a feat and you should be proud! Well done dear. God bless you too.

  17. Can i use self raising flour? My friend also suggested using an egg is this ok?

    • Doyinsola the only self raising flour you can use for Nigerian Puff Puff is pizza flour. When you use pizza flour, no need to add yeast because pizza flour already contains yeast. In fact when I use pizza flour, I mix it with plain flour to dilute the yeast because the yeast content of pizza flour can be overpowering.

      Eggs are not added to the classic Puff Puff, it is not necessary.

  18. Betty Musa says:

    Thank you! I’m an American who’s enjoying cooking meat pie’s and puff puff! My friend is from lago’s, he was shocked that I were able to follow your teaching and instruction to the point! I, majored in food and nutrition. He can’t stop asking for more pie’s and puff’s!!

  19. Hello Flo
    I just tried your nigerian cake recipe and boy did it come out perfect. It was airy,moist and rose perfectly. I didnt even want to cut it cos it looked so kids loved it. Jst wanted to say thanks.

  20. U re book z quite expensive

    • Expensive is relative. It costs money to make a book. And since I published the book myself it costs even more. Unless a publisher takes over the publishing of the book, the price will remain so. I will not sell at a loss dear.

  21. Daniela says:

    Is it a must that nutmeg be added. Wat if nutmeg is not available

    • Daniela for me, it is a must ooo because without nutmeg it will not taste like the classic Puff Puff. It will have a flat taste like plain dough. Some people say they add cinnamon but I have not tried that. I wonder where you live in that nutmeg is not available, it is the most common seasoning that is available all over the world.

  22. Hi Flo,not really happy wit my puff puff turnout. Nt smooth,jst like akara balls. Wot could b wrong?. Is it dt d oil s too hot? Shld i reduce heat wen fryin

    • mmh … Lilian I think the culprit here is the yeast. It is either you did not add enough or the one you used is no longer active or both. It is the job of the yeast to blow up the batter like balloon when it hits the hot oil thereby making the puff puff smooth. If you added enough and the yeast you used is active then it’s more likely the oil is NOT hot enough. If the heat is too high, the puff puff will be smooth but what will happen is that the outside will burn before the inside is done.

      Also, make sure your batter has the correct consistency. If it is too watery, the puff puff will deflate when it cools down. Did you take a photo of what it looks like so I will be more specific about what may be the cause?

  23. Hi, madam Flo. pls i will like you to show us how to make. igbabu oka or moi moi oka (corn moi moi ) thanks and God bless.

  24. Good day Flo, I followed d puff puff recipe it was nice. But I don’t no what went wrong I found out dt my puff puff was too oily n my fire was OK. Pls advice me. My customers complained about it.

    • Adeola Puff Puff is an oily snack but if yours is too oily and you say that your heat was ok, then I honestly do not know what else went wrong. If the oil was hot enough, it will shock the batter once it hits the oil and prevent too much oil from penetrating.

  25. mrs eze favour says:

    My Lovely sister I really appreciate what u are doing for us, I tried t akara&pap and it came out nice, in fact my hubby was so happy a big thank you. Pls keep up the good work.

  26. @IamAniwura says:

    You provided well-detailed recipe. And the comments here help too. I can’t wait to try.

  27. hello sis,
    please is it advisable to add egg and milk in making puff puff?
    thank you.

  28. Bodunde Mary says:

    please ma what quantity of flour will I use to get two hundred pieces puff (big size)

    • Mary I get about 20 medium balls of Puff Puff from 200g of flour. For 200 pieces of that same size you will need 2kg of flour.
      I do not know how big you want yours but you need to be mindful of the size. If you make them too big, the inside will not be well done by the time the outside starts burning. Click here to see the size I am talking about.

  29. Olawunmi Hephzibah Fanegan says:

    I just stumbled on your blog, while trying to Google on “Why my puff puff dough isn’t rising”. I am glad I really got some good reasons why the dough didn’t rise. I am so happy I discovered your blog, pls keep up the good work. Thanks and God bless!

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