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Nigerian Aphrodisiac

If you need to improve your sex life, this drink is for you!

It is the secret drink that people from Northern Nigeria use to hold their spouses tight. 😉

You can either make the basic version of this drink: Tiger Nuts Milk or you make this turbo charged version that is jigijigi compliant. 😀

You need just 3 super ingredients

  • 1 cup dry Tiger Nuts (2 cups hydrated tiger nuts)
  • 1 coconut
  • 15 dates
  • Water

Other names for Tiger Nuts
– Aki Awusa in Igbo
– Ofio in Yoruba
– Aya in Hausa
– Chufas in Spanish

Notes about the ingredients:

  1. In Nigeria, hydrated tiger nuts are sold by Hausa Mallams. Outside Nigeria, dry ones are available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. If you are in Nigeria, use milk cups to measure the tiger nuts.
  2. Dates are known as Dabino in Hausa and are also sold by the Hausa Mallams.
  3. For best results, use mature sweet coconut.

Watch the video below for the recipe.


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  1. Oche Damilola says:

    The recipes on your page has been helpful thus far. I look forward to being a better and more innovative chef. Thank you Flo!

  2. A big thumbs up Flo. Since l tried your Nigerian Aphrodisiac my wife is now pregnant with triplet :)

  3. U are wonderful dear. But where can I get Dates in Nigeria? Does d mallams sell it?

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