June Recipes

I am always updating the recipes website behind the scenes. Every month I make a post here on the blog announcing those recipes. The following are the new recipes added to All Nigerian Recipes website in the month of June. Click the blue text to go to each recipe page.

June Recipes

Coconut Meat Pie

coconut meat pie
Coconut Meat Pie lives up to its name. There is coconut flavour everywhere you look. It's Meat Pie Tropicana!

Plantain Omelette

plantain omelette
Plantain Omelette gives you the chance to enjoy an exotic breakfast of omelette with fried plantains in one dish.

Peppered Puff Puff

peppered puff puff
Peppered Puff Puff brings some hot and spicy zing to the spongy Nigerian Puff Puff.

How to Make Akamu/Ogi with Corn Flour (Corn Starch)

akamu with corn flour
This substitute to the real deal akamu gives you the classic taste of akamu, ogi or pap. See how.

Leafy Jollof Rice

jollof rice
This recipe is a way to spice up the classic Jollof Rice with leafy vegetables.

Super Creamy Banana Ice Cream

banana ice cream
This is so creamy! Just like the old skool Wall's Ice Cream. 😉

Can I Make Akamu/Ogi with Popcorn?

akamu, pap or ogi
Are you wondering if it is possible to use popcorn to make akamu/ogi? You need to see this experiment.

Enjoy the recipes!

If you are a food blogger, feel free to comment below and post a link to a recipe you uploaded in the month of June.

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