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What EXACTLY is Mint Leaf?

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves (known as Menta in Spanish) are in the family of aromatic herbs that are used to add specific aroma to dishes. They taste like very mild peppermint with a cool aftertaste.

On visual inspection, they look so much like our Scent leaves (Nchanwu, Efirin) in that the leaves are arranged in opposite pairs on the main stalk and the leaves from these 2 herbs look very much alike.

Mint Leaves

But the scents and tastes of Mint Leaves and Scent Leaves are not the same at all. I have tried it in a few Nigerian dishes: Ofe Akwu, Pepper Soup and as vegetable to spice up my Beef Stew and each of these meals tasted like I added … Drummer Boy Air Freshener to the meals. It was a very odd flavour for me and I did not enjoy the meals at all. Even my husband who says “yummy” to anything and everything 😀 says that it’s a thumbs down from him.

Scent Leaves

So can Mint Leaves be used as alternative to our Scent Leaves? It’s a big NO from me and my family. If you have never tried it and you are curious about the taste, do try it and see if you like it.

I must add that Mint Leaf is a great addition to some Mediterranean meals that I prepare in my home such as Meat Balls Sauce but for these Nigerian meals mentioned above? Not a good idea if you have authentic Nigerian taste buds.

I know that some people swear by Mint Leaves as an alternative in these Nigerian meals so do you use Mint Leaves? What do you think about the taste in Nigerian meals? Is it a spot-on scent leaves alternative or are you just managing it? 😉



  1. Good to know. I haved looked for it in Lagos to try but now I am not interested again.

    • Hehe abeg Tope try it and decide for yourself. I am known as the one with conc. Naija taste buds.

    • Affiong Ma says:

      Na wa for you people are a true Nigerian cuz if you are you know you can not use it dish that do not it. Mint leave has call it in my dialet we call it Ntong can be use in pepper soup, yam and cocoyam porridge and some other delicacy not just any food.

      • Affiong Ma says:

        Na wa for you people are you a true Nigerian cuz if you are you know you can not use it dish that do not it. Mint leave has call it in my dialet we call it Ntong can be use in pepper soup, yam and cocoyam porridge and some other delicacy not just any food.

      • Please ‘Affiong mint leaf is NOT ntong

  2. pls flo where in nigeria can i get mint leave,cinnamon & horseradish? thanks in advance

    • For cinnamon try shops that sell bakery ingredients. For mint leaves and horseradish try the foreign supermarkets like Shoprite and Spar. Someone wrote on FB that she did not see mint leaves in Shoprite.

    • Find your way to Shop Perfect in Ilupeju axis. Address is Shop Perfect Super art. 11 Ade Akinsanya Street, Ilupeju and 26B Olatunda Street, Ilupeju. LAGOS You will get all you need there. The market is owned and mostly patronised by Indians.

    • There is an Aboki Mallam that sells fresh mint leaves, parsley, celery etc, in his wheel barrow along the road at Iponrin market, Surulere.

    • U can find it in shoprite

  3. It’s a no from me,scent leave is Basil leave not mint, but the resemblance is amazing with Mint.

    • The resemblance is so striking. Sometimes I think that’s Why those who have forgotten what scent leaves smell like believe that mint leaves are the same as scent leaves. But for me basil smells and tastes like our curry leaves.

  4. pls where can i get the mint leaf and apple cider vinegar ACV in Nigeria.

  5. Mint leave is majorly used as a weight loss supplement. it aids easy digestion of food and helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

    Commonly used in lemonade drink. (Cucumber, lemon,ginger and mint leave) you can blend and mix other ingredients to help control you weight.

  6. chinyere okafor says:

    Please dear I need mint leaves I live in Awka. .. but it looks like scent leaves. .. Please dear what is lgbo name for mint leaves. Thanks

    • Chinyere there is no Igbo name for mint leaves, it is a western version of scent leaves. In Nigeria mint leaves are mostly available in big supermarkets like Shoprite or Spar.

      • You actually said it’s “Efirin” in Yoruba Land

        • No. I wrote that scent leaf is efirin in Yoruba. Scent leaf looks like mint leaf but they are NOT the same. The tastes are so different.

          • Benitha Dehfer says:

            How can I differentiate Scent leaves from Mint leaves and may I see some photos from you for both Scent and Mint Leaves. I earnestly need them and it’s very urgent!

            • Benitha, the third image shows scent leaves. Not very clear but that’s the best photo I have. Physically, there’s not much difference between scent leaves and mint leaves. The major differences lie in the taste and smell as I stated in the post.

    • I got my at eke awka. Those selling salad condiments at the gate. Thanks Flo u r doing a good job

  7. does mint leave planted in Nigeria or it germinate natura?

    • Kenny I do not know o. I have never seen a mint leaf plant in Nigeria. Only the leaves that are for sale in shops. :)

    • Khadijah says:

      Mint leaf can be purchased from those who sell veggies in the north. It is known as Na’a Na’a in hausa and you can plant in your own backyard or a pot. I don’t know about planting fron seed though but you can grow from cuttings or buy from a nursery. I use to know of some nurserirs that sell them. If you come across it in someone’s garden ask for some, it takes root easily.

      • Thank you for the detailed information Khadijah. ♥ ♥
        Northern Nigeria is indeed the food basket of Nigeria.
        Please what is scent leaf called in Hausa?

  8. what is it in Yoruba?

  9. Does anyone know where I can find mint leaf in Benin City?

  10. Queen Terwase says:

    Pls where do I get it in kaduna state

    • Khadijah says:

      Check at Alkali Road or at Bakin Dogo in Central Market where they sell veggies.

  11. Can I get this in Akwa Ibom? And where?

  12. victoria Twaki says:

    good after noon how is work i believe fine,please where can i get mint leave in Niger state.

  13. fatima gwarzo says:

    mint leaves is every where in kano state

  14. chukwuemeka Nwankwo says:

    Can’t it be grown in Nigeria. Where can I get the seed for planting in Lagos thanks

    • Chukwuemeka I am certain that it can grow in Nigeria because it is the same family as scent leaves (nchuanwu). I am not sure where one can get the seeds in Nigeria.

      • chukwuemeka Nwankwo says:

        Thanks, I got mint from someone that came back from abroad and I am propergeting it. I about 20 bags in my nursery. If you need it please contact me on 08037259711 or come to my garden opposite number 10b MacGregor Street I koyi.

      • chukwuemeka Nwankwo says:

        Mint is really medicinal not only test in food. I have sold quite a number of it. I still have few bags remaining. I am trying to propergate more. Mint is actually different from sent leave, it is a good medicine. 08037259711..

      • chukwuemeka Nwankwo says:

        Mint is really medicinal not only test in food. I have sold quite a number of it. I still have few bags remaining. I am trying to propergate more. Mint is actually different from sent leave, it is a good medicine. 08037259711…

  15. Etiemana says:

    Pls’How did Calabar call mint leaves

  16. Kachi ndu says:

    Can I use the scent leaf as a substitute for mint leaf for my weight loss program?

  17. Chinenye says:

    Please what are the ingredients for these meals and how to prepare them,Coulifower stir Fry, steamed broccoli, mushroom veggies, baked beans sandwich. Please i urgently need the answers

  18. pls i stay at owerri and how can i get it here in owerri

  19. chinonye says:

    this leaves look like the leaves we believe it scare
    s mosquitoes away when we are kids, the leaves look exactly like scent leaves and it is normally seen during raining season or close to stream during dry season. pls how do I know whether is mint leave or not.

    • Chinonye like written in the post, they look alike but two things differentiate them: taste and smell. If the smell and taste of the leaf is more like peppermint then it is mint leaves. I guess you already know what scent leaves smell like.

  20. Thanks Flo. Now I know d difference between the two .

  21. Benitha Dehfer says:

    Please post pictures of Scent leaves to enable me get it fast cause I am really in need of it.

  22. Hmmm intersting stuff

  23. Please what can I use to prepare vegetable soup in the US?

  24. Please what’s the local name for mint leaf in Nigeria? I live too far to visit any shopping mall. I need to know the local same so as to try searching in local markets. Thanks

  25. Nkechi Aduloju says:

    Where can get mint leave in Abuja?

  26. wow i have seen that mint leaves here in owerri

  27. Hi FLO,
    i am a very good follower of all your videos, for the mint leaves its quite odd from the ones we have in Nigeria,but since i got to Qatar, i have found it very useful in some dishes .
    1.pepper soup(catfish and goat meat) and in very few leaves but not in Nsala
    2. Nkwobi…also in small qty
    3. in vegetable soup…i put like 4 to 5 leaves, and i just get a little nice flavor to add to it.
    cheers Flo and keep up the good work.
    please i want to know the baking degrees as in, if u say bake for 25mins, at what degree please…sometimes you don’t mention it…byeeeee

    • Wow Vera! If you use mint leaves in all these meals then you are very lucky to have the type of taste buds you have. I tried mint leaves in pepper soup and the taste was so off for me, I could not eat it. The taste of mint leaves is so different from our scent leaves. I am happy you find it a great substitute, it means you are not missing the taste of these meals over there. 😉

      Seriously? There should always be temperature if baking is involved. If it is not there then it must be an omission. Please send me the link to the recipe where the temperature is not mentioned so I can update. Thanks. :)

      • hi again,
        well for me and family we are not missing the NIgerain taste as much, we get them so expensive here in Qatar from our fellow Nigerian women that are importing.they do not have african kitchen nor shop here and setting up one here, the cash will be enuf to build a house and furnish i do a little biz of NKWOBI AND PEPPER SOUP…From home, in addition to my job.i am following you on instagram as well Pamil_chops.

        i have forgotten which of the uploads, but its cool cos i can adjust my temperature range depending on what am baking. i love your work so much Flo….please give us more recipe and congrats on your milestone…may God continue to strengthen you. please hope am free to ask you questions when am confused…


        • Awww I love you, you hustling woman! Keep it up! It’s not easy.
          Well done for tapping into that opportunity over there.
          To be honest, give me a business I can do from home any day. I always wonder how some businesses make enough money to pay themselves, pay their staff and pay for the office/shop. It’s too expensive and tasking. Yes, one may be able to get more customers by staying in a public place but I strongly believe that with social media you can achieve the same level of awareness for what you do, even more. Not to talk of the money you will spend to rent/build a place.

          Ok, no problems. Whenever you come across the recipe again, please let me know.

          Thank you! I am glad you enjoy the information I am able to share with you here. 😉 That Instagram sef, I feel so claustrophobic on that platform. Maybe because it is so limiting and only via an app. I prefer a platform I can work on from my computer that’s why Facebook is where I’m always at. I post all new recipes there but often forget to post on Instagram. lol That media dey do me left-hand left-hand (Naija lingo). 😀

          Keep having fun dear!

        • And sure! Feel free to ask a question about anything you are not sure about. Anytime 😉

          • I am in Abuja, i want to know where i can get this mint leave please.

            • Hello Flo,
              Thank you for all ur recipe,am learning alot. Now a pro in coconut oil and fried rice. About mint leaf ,pepper mint and many more herbs, they are cultivated in jos,Plateau state. I got my cinnamon and coriander from a colleague at the office who sells spices and herbs, bt am based in Abuja.

  28. Godwin meshach says:

    where can i get mint in Kagos state Nigeria

  29. chukwuemeka Nwankwo says:

    My email. Chukwuemeka . for mint. Lagos

  30. pls am in kadunA I wnt to use it for my tummy I have gotten all others ingredients like fresh ginger,cucumber,lemon bt it remaining mint leaf,I even sent for scent leaf tinkin it was scent leaf,how do i get it in Kaduna, tnxs I rili need it..

    • Janefrances Omachonu says:

      Hello Esther, you can get mint leaf in dalema supermarkets in malali gra. You will see one malam that sales vegetables in the parking lot. That was where I bought mine the other day. Thanks

  31. Pls, mint leaf in yoruba language..been looking for it but can’t get it.

  32. where can i get the mint leave from in onitsha

  33. Wow…. Tanks dear I almost used scent leaves instead of the mint leaves. At least I now know the difference…. Kip it up swt

  34. where can I get mint leave in kaduna

  35. Good morning, pls where can I get mint leave in this Onitsha or Asaba….. Thanks

  36. What is the Yoruba name for mint leaf ?

  37. ave looked for mint leaf in calabar and can’t find it

  38. Precious Ojinmaduka says:

    Please I am In awka where can I get mint leaves from please

  39. hi Flo,
    Am really enjoying ur writeups. pls keep it up.