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All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook
All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook

Giveaway: My Favourite Things 2016

As is customary on All Nigerian Recipes, each year, we hold several giveaways with prizes won by the most enthusiastic Nigerian food lovers on this platform.

This year, I will be giving away some of my favourite utensils and ingredients. There are lots of hampers containing my favourite things for 2016 to be won.
I hope you are ready because from now on, every day, at least one hamper must be won on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube till we run out of hampers!

All Nigerian Recipes Favourite Things

Each hamper contains these favourite things of mine:

Eku (Wooden Spoon/Spatula)

All Nigerian Recipes Spatula

Lots of you who pay attention to detail while watching my YouTube videos often tease me about my use of eku in almost all my videos. Yes! It is a known fact that eku is my favourite stirring utensil ever. I love eku because it is so kind to my pots. It is one of the reasons why my pots always look like new. When you stir with metallic spoons while cooking, it creates tiny scratches at the bottom of your pot and over time, this speeds up burning.
But when you stir with eku, no scratches hence no burning and the less frequently you need to subject your pots to intense scrubbing.
Eku is also kind to ingredients because it has soft edges. Use it to stir that Okra Soup that you used smoke fish to prepare, use it to stir Catfish Peppersoup and you will be sure that the fish will not scatter etc.

Peak Evaporated Milk

Peak Milk

Peak Milk is my favourite evaporated milk mostly because of its special taste which works well with Nigerian meals. For instance, Peak Milk works well with the sour taste of Nigerian Akamu (Ogi) . Chai! Add peak Milk to Akamu/Ogi and you will feel me when you enjoy that with hot Akara. Bite off a bit of Akara, scoop the Akamu and Peak Milk and sugar combo into your mouth, chew everything together and you shall confess!
Peak Milk is also creamy and a little quantity goes a long way.
Use it in your Nigerian pancakes for a smooth blend, I can go on and on.

Knorr Cubes (Chicken Flavour and Classic Flavour)

Knorr Cubes

You all know that I prefer my meals to taste as close to the natural flavours of the ingredients as possible. I love Knorr seasoning cubes because they help me enhance the taste of my meals and at the same time allow the natural flavours of the ingredients to shine through. With Knorr you will never have the house-smelling-different-while-food-tasting-different effect. LOL Your meals will always taste as good as the aroma perceived!
I use the chicken flavour to season the chicken, turkey or any other bird for my Jollof Rice, Mixed Vegetable Curry Sauce, Peppered Chicken, Chicken Pie etc
I use the classic flavour to season the beef, goat meat, lamb etc for my Nigerian Soups and other recipes where I use the mentioned meats. The classic flavour is also great for steamed vegetables.

Indomie Noodles (Chicken Flavour – Super Pack)

Indomie Noodles

Who in Nigeria does not love Indomie noodles, Eh? These days, some kids say the word Indomie even before saying Mummy or Daddy. There are a thousand and one ways to prepare healthy Indomie noodles recipes. One can comfortably create a recipes website based only on Indomie noodles recipes and the person will never run out of ideas.
If you follow All Nigerian Recipes on Facebook, you would have noticed that Indomie noodles meals are one of the most popular food photos sent in by Nigerian food lovers.

Mamador Vegetable Oil

Mamador Vegetable Oil

Whenever I get a question on why someone’s Nigerian Tomato Stew does not taste right, the first question I ask is: which oil did you use? The type of vegetable oil you use in your Nigerian cooking is very important to the overall taste of the meal. The best vegetable oil for Nigerian cooking is the one that is tasteless and odourless that is the one whose taste does not interfere with the overall taste of the meal and with Mamador Oil, you get both and more. It lets the natural taste of your meals shine through. It is very pure and is perfect for all types of cooking that calls for vegetable oil: frying, baking and steaming.

Carla Kitchen Roll

Carla Kitchen Roll

Spills especially oily spills and splashes while cooking Nigerian food is inevitable. The worst thing you can do to your cloth towels is to use them to clean oily spills. That’s the job of kitchen paper towels and with Carla Kitchen Roll, one sheet from the roll goes a long way, helping you keep your cooking area clean while you cook.

And the final one! A mug.

All Nigerian Recipes Mug

On days I need to do some heavy cooking, I usually start very early and on such days, a mug of coffee is everything. Helps me start my day on a bright note and avoid kitchen accidents. The last thing I want is to start my day with adding too much salt to the meal because I’m sleep walking. LOL

So are you ready for the first giveaway of My Favourite Things 2016?

If yes, just follow these simple rules:
1. You must like the All Nigerian Recipes Facebook page.
2. You must like this post.
3. If you win, you will pick up the hamper or have someone pick it up for you within 1 week else we will give it to the second best contestant in your specific contest. All hampers must go because Christmas is coming! Pick up location is Lagos, Nigeria.

Today’s give away task.
Post a photo of your favourite Nigerian meal prepare by YOU in the comments below. The person whose photo gets the highest number of likes and replies wins a hamper containing my favourite things for this year.

Each like gets you 5 points and each reply gets you 1 point. Your own replies do not count because we know you will be tagging your friends under your photo. 😉

Today we shall know those who have some favourite friends! 😉

Your time starts now and the competition ends Monday 5th December at 12 midnight Nigerian time. Let’s go! Post your photo comment and tag your friends to start liking and replying to your photo. 

Another giveaway with a new task will be posted tomorrow.

Watch the video below to see the items live! 😀



  1. Abiodun Akinwole Thythylayormee says:

    Pls when is the 2nd round coming up and pls can’t you just use another criteria instead of highest likes? Pls help so we that don’t have multiple facebk can also participate.. Thanks admin.. @Abiodun Akinwole Thythylayormee on Fb, @olutayo_emmydan on IG and emmy_daniella on twitter..

Comment to show me you are alive and cooking some delicious food!


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