How to Cook Nigerian Okpa, Okpa di Oku


If you have ever tasted Okpa 9th Mile, Okpa Oji River or Okpa Wawa and you want to replicate that classic taste in your home, this new recipe is for you. If you are looking for a new recipe to add to your Nigerian menu, this is for you. Every Nigerian loves Okpa. The Bambara… Read More…

Yam Porridge with Bitterleaf

Nigerian yam porridge with bitterleaf

If you walk into the house of someone from Igboland and smell Bitterleaf Soup, please make sure you confirm what exactly they are cooking before you go dey drool for Bitterleaf Soup when they are cooking Bitterleaf Yam Porridge. But not to worry, you will not be disappointed at all when this meal lands in… Read More…

What Happens If You Boil Coca-Cola Coke?

What would happen if you boil coke

I’ve heard all sorts of bad things and seen all those experiments about Coca-Cola Coke but none of them scared me as much as the experiment in the video below. We do not drink Coke in my home. We don’t even buy it to keep in the fridge for guests. I only buy Fanta because… Read More…

New Recipe: Nigerian Cowfoot Porridge

Cowfoot Porridge

This recipe answers the question: What other ways can I use cow foot in Nigerian cooking? Is it only Nkwobi that Nigerians use cow foot for? In addition to Nkwobi, I also use cow foot for Cowfoot Porridge. Visit the following link for the recipe: Cowfoot Porridge or watch the video below. We use cow… Read More…

What Would You Do? Water Logged Jollof Rice

Waterlogged Jollof Rice

Calling on all Nigerian cooking experts and non-experts! What would you do if you found out that the Jollof Rice you are cooking is already soft, yet contains lots of water? How would you finish cooking the Jollof Rice without the rice getting any softer? Comment below to share your great tip! Prevention they say,… Read More…

New Recipe: Nigerian Moi Moi with Beans Flour

How to cook Nigerian Moi Moi with beans flour

I have received a good number of questions about how to cook Nigerian Moi Moi with beans flour. This is for those who only have access to beans flour and those who do not want to go through the task of peeling beans for Nigerian Moi Moi. This can be a challenging recipe to prepare… Read More…

New Recipe: Nigerian Fried Beans

Nigerian fried Beans

Even if you don’t like beans, you’ll love this one. Go check it out: Nigerian Fried Beans Or watch the video below:

How to Cut Leafy Vegetables Faster

ow to Cut Vegetables Faste

I always say that cooking should be fun not hard labour. Here’s one of the ways to save some time in the kitchen. We are taught to arrange leafy vegetables before slicing them. I call that the prim and proper way where one spends lots of time arranging the vegetables. I don’t even want to… Read More…

Homemade Stock Cubes (Basic Version)

Homemeade Stock Cubes

Some people have different reasons for not eating store-bought stock cubes. If you or a family member are/is allergic to MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG) which store-bought stock cubes contain or you just want to eat only natural foods, here’s how to make your own stock cubes at home. You will need: Soft bones (also known as… Read More…

New Recipe: Plantain Mosa (Plan-cakes)

Plantain Mosa (Plan-cakes)

By now, you would have noticed that I’m on a roll with recipes that use overripe plantains. The African food grocer in my area now knows about my love for overripe plantains. These days, he uses them to give me jara when I buy ripe plantains. I don’t even need to ask! Overripe plantains are… Read More…